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I am a darker version of him. You see, when he entered the mirror world, I was born from the darker parts of his personality.


Artist: feremania

Pixiv ID: 3469358Member: 壱紀


Pixiv ID: 3469358
Member: 壱紀



I felt like I should remind everyone that Meta Knight drove a car. How did he reach the gas pedal?

(OOC: Hey guys I’ve gotten a lot of questions for Dark Meta Knight and I have to close the ask box so I can catch up. I’m sorry it’s taking forever for me to draw these. College gives me no breaks. I hope the last ask makes up for such a long wait. I tried really hard on it so I hope you all like it.)


Before Kirby was around, Meta Knight had entered the Mirror world for the first time and I was born. I challenged him to a fight to the death, to prove my strength.


But I was reckless.


Meta Knight gave me my scar and left me to my shame.

Only another reason for me to seek my vengeance on him.

Are you still here?

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